After many years of activity with project Kronen in Vanløse an end is near. By the end of fall 2017 the new super mall should be open for usage of the public, according to the time schedule. Kronen in Vanløse is of 55,000 square meters, and is a collection of 75 grocery, interior design and fashion shops as well as restaurants , cafes and recreational areas on the ground floor and first floor, while on the second, third and fourth floors are modern habitation. On the road to finishing the job Ingholt Consult has experienced many new challenges. The project has provoked the entire office, and forced all employees to use new methods of thinking and working, which has been an wonderful experience. Thinking outside of the box as engineers has demanded an ability to settle for a comprimise. In a concrete matter meaning that we had to take all of our classical ways of designing a building, and rethink them. In project Kronen we had to take non-typical constructionitems and impliment them in the building, in order to meet the demands created by the architectural design.

Nidzara Fazlic, Civil Ingineer at Ingholt Consult:
”It is quite unusual having cast-in-place post-tensioned beams in commercial building project, but establishing up to 350 m2 skylights openings with ‘irregular’ shape in an existing deck structure – That was the only right choice.

There is in total 18 post-tensioned beams, crossing each other and having end-support on the existing beams and columns, which has required some creativity and problem-solving skills.

This complex task turned out to be not as challenging as first thought. The formula for success is simple: Detailed and well thought-through engineering design done by Ingholt Consult in combination with skilled CG Jensen’s team on the site.”